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Another new housing minister

Dominic Raab’s promotion to replace David Davis as Brexit Secretary means a new housing minister – the eighth minister in as many years. The last three have each served for …

The real elections

As this article is published, elections deciding control of major councils are in full swing. That may surprise readers who thought elections happened on 3 May. However, when councils have …

Thorncliffe’s London Election 6pm Special

Labour tried but failed to take Westminster (above), Wandsworth and Barnet. Earlier, we reported on the overnight results from yesterday’s local elections. Here are the headlines from the counts taking …

London elections 8am special

Yesterday, 32 London councils held elections for councillors and five also held mayoral elections. Most have declared their results, but some are still counting today. Here are the headlines so …

Is the future unitary for English Councils?

Two counties have been in the news recently about plans to carve out new unitary authorities from existing district and county councils. Northamptonshire County Council made headlines last month as …

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