94% success at planning committee; 76 projects over the past 12 months:

Thorncliffe are the UK’s political and community consultation experts, having been responsible for some of the most exciting and sometimes controversial projects across the country.  Many of our clients are highly regarded developers and housebuilders, as well as energy, leisure and infrastructure providers.

Since our formation in November 1999, we have built up a proven track record for delivering high profile planning committee approvals in London and throughout the UK, with fully-staffed offices in three UK locations.

Our people have a deep understanding of the politics of the planning process borne through experience. Many are or have previously served as local councillors and are in tune with how to help developers meet the needs and desires of the communities they serve. The Thorncliffe team also includes architects, designers, media professionals and people with a wide knowledge of the property industry.

Richard PatientFounder & M.D.

Richard founded the company in 1999 and oversees the direction of the company.
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Matt HarmerChief Commercial Officer

Matt sits on the Board and is in charge of delivering the results and continuing success for clients.
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Over 30 colleagues

The company employs over 30 members of staff, all directly employed.
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94% success rate

During our past financial year, we had a 94% success rate at planning committee, over 76 projects.

Our Core Values

The Company has 4 Core Values, based on Quality, Honesty, Results & Innovation.
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Code of ConductTeam Member

Our triple-lock code of conduct means colleagues who are councillors have to adhere to the law, their council code and our company code, and can never work in their own local authority area.
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Thorncliffe Road

The Company was established in 1999, in Thorncliffe Road.