We get clients planning committee approval | minimise political risk | find champions and supporters | have a 95% success rate at committee | listen and engage with local communities | are the leader in the industry

Get me Planning Committee Approval, please

Get me Planning Committee approval, please!

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Risk & Intelligence

Risk Report | Due Diligence | Stakeholder Analysis | Established Knowledge | Political Soundings | Stakeholder Soundings

Listening & Engagement

One-to-One | Consultation | Events | Workshops | Exhibitions | Design | Distribution | Responses | Digital | Video | Media | SCI Report

Lobbying & Committee Success

Issue Analysis | Intelligence | Supporters | One-to-One | Lobbying | Champions | Committee Analysis | Councillor Briefings | Committee Rehearsals | Theatre of Committee

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Do you understand local government? Are you a political activist in one of the mainstream parties? Do you hold, or have you held, elected office, perhaps as a councillor? Is …

Will the Tories lose London?

Tuesday’s Evening Standard ran a front page story suggesting the Conservatives will fail badly at the local elections in London.  So what’s the truth? London borough council elections come around …