Our round up of byelections, defections and local authority movements from localcouncils #localgov http://t.co/DmpeiBrJFFReplyRetweetFavorite
A good scheme just approved in Eastleigh #planningapproval http://t.co/RbhI5w5IAiReplyRetweetFavorite
A great East Anglian approval today, this time in Breckland. #planningapproval http://t.co/v6MIO83TlOReplyRetweetFavorite
Two schemes approved in Camden on Thursday #windouble http://t.co/qTHWcGC39MReplyRetweetFavorite
New projects in Lewisham and S Cambs and delegated approval in Tower Hamlets #GoodWeekSoFar http://t.co/CtRvB0udcHReplyRetweetFavorite
mipimUK awards, Almost all the winners have had Thorncliffe input.ReplyRetweetFavorite
Scheme approved against officer recommendation to refuse in Wokingham tonight. #committeeapproval http://t.co/VQsJUFR8Q1ReplyRetweetFavorite
Another planning committee success, this time in Warwickshire. #committeeapproval http://t.co/IAZJPSuidbReplyRetweetFavorite
Our http://t.co/cCxIALc4ZJ site has just been updated with a better home page, more colours and even more use. http://t.co/mgmLqFYEZwReplyRetweetFavorite
Boothroyd's local council news http://t.co/9SfzRIMbPxReplyRetweetFavorite
Europe’s first property tech accelerator @Pi_Labs to start up in London. One of many topics for our Nov tech seminar http://t.co/cf7za0vwW2ReplyRetweetFavorite
Celebrating the official launch of @ThorncliffeComm, formerly known as Indigo Public Affairs http://t.co/HDuFQjq1CRReplyRetweetFavorite
Boris approves Mount Pleasant. http://t.co/yvbVS7UYLMReplyRetweetFavorite
Newsnight use our psephologist's map (David Boothroyd) on their programme tonight. @BBCNewsnight http://t.co/s1SX8BdLrtReplyRetweetFavorite
Following 15 years as IndigoPA we’re rebranding as Thorncliffe, where we first started. Visit http://t.co/Kn0LOENh74 http://t.co/mVZkozQ9CxReplyRetweetFavorite
Another residential tower in the Isle of Dogs approved with our help last night. #planningapproval #towerhamletsReplyRetweetFavorite
A colleague has just sent this picture of what could be one of our sites, as he was travelling on the train today. http://t.co/u6iIXCN3LDReplyRetweetFavorite
We have a very big announcement coming next week....ReplyRetweetFavorite

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Thorncliffe Road – 15 years on

23 September 2014 It's fifteen years since the Company started in Thorncliffe Road.

96% success

26 May 2014 The Thorncliffe team predicted 31 of the 32 London borough elections correctly, or a 96% success rate.

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23 September 2012 Our double-lock code of conduct means colleagues who are councillors have to adhere to both their council code and our company code.

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