Nice to see some of our projects in @TimeOutLondon's feature on towers set to transform London's skyline
Thorncliffe is publishing a wall map showing political composition of all councils. Get in touch for your copy!
Another great success in #Camden last week with additional 1,909 sqm of office floorspace approvedReplyRetweetFavorite
Apply for a job at Thorncliffe.
A sea of blue. Thorncliffe's localcouncils map is now up to date.
Great renewable energy scheme approved in Bedford last nightReplyRetweetFavorite
Election 2015: What will happen to regional devolution post May 2015?
2015 Election: what we can expect with the general & local elections on 7 May
Mayhem in Mulberry Place #TowerHamlets. Here are some of the answers.
Election 2015: what would a Conservative win mean for the renewables sector?
Election 2015: What would a Labour win mean for the renewables sector?
Fantastic scheme through Norwich City Council today
RT @BrandonLewis: Am with @PlanningMag this morning for their #theplanningsummit speaking on reforms to the planning system, moving to loca…ReplyRetweetFavorite
Brandon Lewis "No local govt top down reorg - doesn't work. Must come from local agreement" #theplanningsummit
Brandon Lewis says councils and communities know areas far better than a suit in Gov ever can #theplanningsummit
John Adams (Deloitte) - market transaction should be significant weight in viability assessments. #theplanningsummit
Richard Garlick says planning helps balance developer needs with the acceptance of local people #theplanningsummit
Heard the noise? York unanimously approve City centre student housingReplyRetweetFavorite

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New Ministerial team

14 May 2015 The ministers in the Department for Communities and Local Government have now been confirmed.

10 May 2015 Who controls your council? Thorncliffe's website is now the only place on the web with updated information about full number of councillors and who controls each council.

Tower Hamlets: Mayhem in Mulberry Place

1 May 2015 Since the news broke regarding Lutfur Rahman and the voiding of his election, we have had various questions regarding what has happened and what will happen. Here is a Tower Hamlets FAQ.

Who Runs Your Council?