Our blog of defections and byelections in local councils. http://t.co/SsPRjVAkjCReplyRetweetFavorite
The @paddingtonbear trail is a wonderful example of what is good about @LDN http://t.co/kQKFHGBZd6ReplyRetweetFavorite
.@rorybremner tells why Gordon and Tory got on so well. #nhbclunch http://t.co/dwJUmydLytReplyRetweetFavorite
.@rorybremner asks whether we should tax rich people in mansions or poor people with spare rooms. #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
.@rorybremner says he will hold an auction on housebuilding numbers. 100K from Tories, 200K from Labour. 900K from LD to start. #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @EmmaReynoldsMP says must have more small builders of less than 10 homes #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @EmmaReynoldsMP says next Lab govt will establish a cross govt taskforce on housing. All LAs must have a housing plan by Dec 16 #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @EmmaReynoldsMP says Labour understand the scale of the challenge of housing, and it is a day one challenge #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @EmmaReynoldsMP says we are not building half the homes we need to keep up with demand #nhbclunch http://t.co/wx1Zs31pVOReplyRetweetFavorite
. @BrandonLewis says housing is at the 'centre of our economic plan' #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @BrandonLewis says technology will help us build more homes, quicker and to a higher standard #nhbclunch http://t.co/IbMcMplkxsReplyRetweetFavorite
. @BrandonLewis says the real power is for local people to look properly at their local housing needs #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @NHBC chairman says major political parties are all focused on housebuilding #nhbclunchReplyRetweetFavorite
. @LewishamCouncil Mayor Sir Steve Bullock says greater density is why we have contested planning apps and NIMBYs. #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite
. @wandbc leader Cllr Govindia pleased with cooperation with @lambeth_council for single goal to regenerate Nine Elms #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite
. @CityWestminster leader Cllr Roe says 'very concerned' re loss of exemption for Wstmnstr to convert office to resi #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite
K&C leader Cllr Paget-Brown says London is very dense and his borough has less green space than others. #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite
Brent leader Cllr Butt says housing shortage is acute in the Borough, and he is working with developers to ensure Brent is open for businessReplyRetweetFavorite
Steve Norris calls London the "world capital". #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite
Ed Lister says four new Opportunity Areas are on their way for London. #LondonPropertySummitReplyRetweetFavorite

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