100 days to go until the general election and the election of 279 councils across England. http://t.co/rEpqyvsuUpReplyRetweetFavorite
RT @councilsUK: Local councils now updated, including cllr byelections, changes of allegiance & new vacancies. http://t.co/IJyYlavUbC http:…ReplyRetweetFavorite
Fantastic project approved through @NewhamLondon Council last night. http://t.co/XAKEoGd3A6ReplyRetweetFavorite
Will the DCLG get away with its latest change of rules on affordable housing contributions? http://t.co/cqCXsxusHo http://t.co/x9BIxXj4QLReplyRetweetFavorite
New govt Infrastructure Bill clause gives @ldn_gov more powers to make dev'pment orders granting planning permission http://t.co/5ZSP12iZI4ReplyRetweetFavorite
Boris (and the new Mayor from 2016) to get new planning powers. http://t.co/KDCwpVCJhtReplyRetweetFavorite
Good news - http://t.co/1SuA5vpnrs has been updated for the week. Defections in @MeltonBC @NELincs and Portsmouth http://t.co/VkaEHqNOPOReplyRetweetFavorite
At tonights #EGQT, Cllr Albert Bore discussed the "Greater Birmingham" area and the investment that will continue despite the gen election.ReplyRetweetFavorite
We've opened a new office in Birmingham, expected to be this year's most attractive city for property investment http://t.co/Rna684covvReplyRetweetFavorite
Eric Pickles dismisses 50 wind turbines against advice in 2014, says Planning Magazine. http://t.co/y6vzklNy8kReplyRetweetFavorite
Tweets might count as lobbying under new Lobbying rules, says Tsar https://t.co/zy14zlI1X9ReplyRetweetFavorite
Thorncliffe - looking 4 people to join our group of extremely talented highly specialist teams http://t.co/nG699VXipo http://t.co/RfdNQexDgqReplyRetweetFavorite
29 new housing zones shortlisted on brownfield sites, in the Midlands and the north, to build up to 200,000 new homes http://t.co/YGiGR2wRDIReplyRetweetFavorite
An excellent scheme approved through Bassetlaw Council last night. http://t.co/O8xvTy605XReplyRetweetFavorite
Two more defections to Independent. A Labour cllr from Newcastle-u-Lyme -was Tory til March. A Tory cllr from York. http://t.co/ua9qiEUxuyReplyRetweetFavorite
Sevenoaks Labour Group - split in half (two of the four councillors have gone independent). http://t.co/5N8iajQ8JkReplyRetweetFavorite
Only 126 days until the general election and local elections for 279 local councils across England.ReplyRetweetFavorite
http://t.co/JHYaTkv69P has the updated byelection news that we tweeted about on Thursday http://t.co/TtUFHI9bU5ReplyRetweetFavorite

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Affordable contributions change

19 January 2015 Will the DCLG get away with its latest change of rules on affordable housing contributions?

Planning Committee success stats

28 November 2014 Today we publish our figures in Estates Gazette. 73 projects at planning committee this year, and 93% success.

Boris launches Thorncliffe

30 October 2014 Boris launches new name for UK property industry's leading politics and community consultation group.

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